Packing & Shipping Large/Heavy Speakers

I have a pair of Legacy Whisper XDS's I'm wanting to sell. They measure 63x17x13 and probably weigh about 200lbs (or more), so extremely large. Most of the advice I've read is simply to crate them on a pallet and then ship freight; but how to go about that? I know for freight shipping there are websites to get quotes, but it's really the packing aspect I'm concerned about having never tried to pack anything this large. 


Can you contact the manufacturer or dealer to find how they were originally packed?  Or are there videos of an unpacking of them, or a similar size speakers?

"simply crating" isn't so simple.  Still have to be protected and fastened right.  make sure to use softeners on the corners where you fasten it down unless you use clear wrap.

You might want to see if you have a local Craters and Freighters

They helped me with a pair of heavy and expensive ProAc speakers from NC to OR and they arrived perfect. The buyer was beyond pleased with the care they took to pack, crate, and palletize for a safe transit.