PAD Venustas vs Audience AU24e


Anyone try any of these Speaker cables?

I use the none "e" version of Audience speakercable.
And the Audience Powercord E are on the way to me (next-week)

My issue is that I lack a little bit of body to my sound.
I hope that the Audience Powercord e will help here.
Just use stockcord right know.

Heard from a friend that Purist Audio Venustas would work great to my speakers Gamut L-5.
I have own alot of PAD cable before aqueous anniversary speakercable interconnects and Venustas interconnect Dominus power. Never Venustas speakercable.

Did try Audioquest Volcano, they did play bigger and heavy than the Audience, but didnt have the same dynamics or openness.

So my question is how do Purist Audio Venustas compare to the Audience AU24E?

Best Regards
Venustas is more neutral than the lower PAD cables.
It still retains that dark & quiet background the PAD cables are known for. However, the tone is slightly on the neutral side with more details. Soundstaging is also deeper & wider than the lower pad siblings.
The Audience i had were the older AU24s.
Very different sound- audience is definitely more neutral, ligher in tone. The soundstage is not as deep or wide as the venustas. However it is slightly more dynamic than the venustas.
I also find the venustas more composed sounding. AU24s is on the lively, more energetic sound.
In the end, it depends on what your speakers are & the amp.
Good luck nonetheless.
I also have only heard the older au24's on speakers. To be honest I didn't believe in cables making a difference when trying these. Anyway, I had the au24's on the speakers for about a month then tried the venustas. What I heard was a lot more detail in the music I hadn't heard with the au24's. The was surprising and made me a believer in cables. The increased detail the au24's were missing was all my untrained ear really appreciated.