Pairing surround processor with tube power amp

Does anybody here has experience pairing surround sound processor, such as Krell or McIntosh with tube power amps? I am currently using CJ Premier 12 monoblocks with JM Lab speakers. In stead of connect a HT multichannel amp bypassing the stereo pre-amp, I am wondering what will happen if I just use the surround processor?

Thank you!
I have the Premier 12’s and use them in a combination 2ch/HT system. I also have a CJ CT 6 and Lexicon MC4 processor. I’ve tried doing exactly what you are talking about with the hope that I could simplify things a bit and eliminate the CT6. In my case I was not happy with a processor for 2ch duties. The only way you'll know is to try it, but if you’re currently using a tube preamp, I doubt you’ll be satisfied with a processor.
I have tried what you are talking about with a Meridian 568 connect to a Vac PA 90 without using a two channel preamp. I my case I liked the preamp (Calypso) inserted into the chain. Each has his own preferences.
Thank you guys.

Seems there are always two ways to look at this. I probably shall get some equipments from dealers and try them.

Any body tried Krell?
Hi. I had a pair of Cary/AES EL34 monoblocks powering my front speakers, fed from an Anthem D2 processor. Worked great, sounded great.
Thank you goatwuss. I am also thinking I might get something out from the DAC in a good processor. I probably will try a Krell this weekend.