Panasonic DVD BluRay or Cambridge CXC Transport

Do you think I would have better sound quality if I used the Cambridge CXC Transport, instead of the Panasonic DP UB9000, with a Hegel H190, with a RCA Coaxial Digital cable?


I think you will be happy with the CXC. I have had mine for several years. It sounds better using my YGGY as the converter than my old Sony CDP xa20ES optical output. My only complaint is the display has become to dim to read in the daylight.

@audiosens - I can't say if it will sound better, to you, in your system. I can only share my opinion, based on my direct experience. I've tried on at least a couple of occasions to replace a dedicated CD transport with a high-end DVD player as the transport, connected via coax, to a DAC. On both/all occasions, the transport sounded better to me. Not immediately noticeable. However, after listening for a bit, I always found the transport to be more open sounding, etter distinction between instruments/voices, etc., more airy, better soundstage width and depth.

It has been several years since I last attempted this, so things may have changed with more modern DVD players. However, I doubt it. With the exception of Oppo (no longer in production), DVD player manufacturers seem to have become less concerned with 2-channel music playback.