Panasonic rp91 compares to rp82...chroma bug?

How does the Panasonic rp91 compares to rp82? rp82 does not have the chroma bug, how about rp91? Since its difficult to get the rp82, I'm thinking about getting the rp91. Greatly appreciate any feedback, thanks.
I have the RP91. It does not have the Chroma Bug. I had the RP82 for a short period of time and thought that the picture quality was very slightly better than the RP91. The RP91 has some scaling features that the RP82 does not have. I honestly think that the RP91 is still the player to beat. All of the other promising players have some sort of "Issues". You may also want to check out the Denon 1600. It's a clone of the RP82 with better build quality and better audio(I think).