Panasonic Viera - ARCAM AVR200

My cable box and AppleTV are connected via HDMI to the TV. The TV only has HDMI out. Any suggestions about how I can get the audio through my ARCAM AVR200?
Does your tv have a digital out and the Arcam have digital in? Or run the digital outputs from you devices to the Arcam for audio and leave HDMI handling video only.
Hi Markolnyc,

I just recently bought a Panasonic Viera ST30 Plasma. I am not familier with the AppleTV though.....does the AppleTV have analog outputs? If so, you should be able to run the video through the HDMI and run the audio signal through the analog out into the Arcam.

I had to do this with my DVR cable box and it works great!
I plugged the HDMI from my Roku (which is similar to the Apple) to my Arcam avr400's "AV" hdmi input on the receiver, the hdmi from my tv is connected to the out of the receiver as it should be, when I want to watch Netflix I just press the AV on the remote.