Panels on the ceiling

I'm going to cover the popcorn ceiling in my music room.  Any ideas for 12x12 or 24x24 acoustic panels to cover the intire ceilin and where to get them? Then should I also be putting something on the ceiling for reflection in front of the speakers? Room is 14x24x8. I already have some treatment on the walls. Carpet on the concrete floor. No padding. Room already sounds good.  Just want to cover the popcorn without affecting sound quality.  Maybe improve it. Thanks. Don't know where I should place this question.  There isn't a spot for room treatments. 


It's rare you need to cover 100% of the ceiling.  I'd suggest focus on absorption between you and the speakers, then put like 20% of that amount behind your listening position.

Don't forget to use diffusors between the speakers, to the sides and behind the listening location to keep your room from sounding too dry

The "popcorn ceiling" contains asbestos. I had all the popcorn scraped off by a company that does that safely. Your room has good dimensions, I don't think you will need ceiling treatment once the popcorn is removed.

@erik_squires hoping you would chime in. Im basically lookig to cover the popcorn.  Don't want t to scrape it because its got asbestos.  So i thought something decorative that would enhance the sound quality. Metal? Plastic? Something absorbative? Look at my system and you will see what i have on the walls now. Back wall is almost identical to the front. No echos bass is good with three subs. Thanks