Panels on the ceiling

I'm going to cover the popcorn ceiling in my music room.  Any ideas for 12x12 or 24x24 acoustic panels to cover the intire ceilin and where to get them? Then should I also be putting something on the ceiling for reflection in front of the speakers? Room is 14x24x8. I already have some treatment on the walls. Carpet on the concrete floor. No padding. Room already sounds good.  Just want to cover the popcorn without affecting sound quality.  Maybe improve it. Thanks. Don't know where I should place this question.  There isn't a spot for room treatments. 


Have the popcorn removed, it's an easy job, especially if you have someone else do it.

You only need to do the first reflection points on the ceiling, I went with 3 GIK 244 spaced 8inches apart using the cloud brackets the have available. 

Thanks for the responses, so far @russ69 has my vote. Biggest problem with hiring someone to do it is they want to test for asbestos.  Then when found they tell you to hireton asbestos abatement company for removal $$$.

Don't scrape. Cheapest way is to hire a plasterer/painter to skim coat the ceiling with a plaster/ joint compound mix over the popcorn. Allow the now smooth surface to dry and paint it. It takes a skilled skim coater to do ceilings, though.