Panels on the ceiling

I'm going to cover the popcorn ceiling in my music room.  Any ideas for 12x12 or 24x24 acoustic panels to cover the intire ceilin and where to get them? Then should I also be putting something on the ceiling for reflection in front of the speakers? Room is 14x24x8. I already have some treatment on the walls. Carpet on the concrete floor. No padding. Room already sounds good.  Just want to cover the popcorn without affecting sound quality.  Maybe improve it. Thanks. Don't know where I should place this question.  There isn't a spot for room treatments. 


“Panels on the ceiling,Pink champagne on ice”……….reminds me of a song I heard once. 

And sometimes I feel like I'm a prisoner of my own device. Lock me up. I think I'm going to try the mud over the popcorn.  See what it sounds like.  I found these foam panels 12x12 with a nice design that would go up easy.

@knighttodd - you might want to try this before going the panel route, mainly because it is easy, effective and try.

A few years back in my old house the room was 12 x 15 x 8 (high)

  • I hung a piece of vinyl behind the listening position where the ceiling joins the wall
  • the vinyl was 24" tall and 10 ft wide and it made a noticeable improvement
    • you can use plastic table cloths from a dollar store to proof the concept
  • I later install a vinyl roller blind and found that the length of the vinyl only needed to be about 18" - 20" 
    • I did try longer but it made no furhter improvement
  • The heavier the vinyl the better ( up to as point) - I would suggest not exceeding 1mm thick

I little while later I tried the same approach out at a friends condo - it was a concrete nightmare...

  • 12 ft ceilings, concrete walls, hardwood floor, open plan
  • but the vinyl made a significant improvement

You can now buy clear vinyl up to 1mm thick from the web, which makes for a near invisible solution

I also tried additional vinyl behind the speakers, but it did not improve things any further

I now live in a diffeent house and the system is in the basement, which has a couple of dropped ceiling sections going across the room and it provides the same benefits as the vinyl drape

Hope that helps - Steve