Pangea True Balanced Premier SE XLR?

Man, I got tired just from typing that name, but seriously - has anyone heard this cable? How does it compare to cables from Cardas, AudioQuest and others in a similar price range? It features Cardas sourced copper, built in China. Curious about its characteristics: is it Warm or Neutral etc.? At least one review on AudioAdvisor site said that it compared very well to AudioQuest Columbia, but didn't go into details.
Every Pangea cable that I tried in my system, sucked the life out of it, especially their AC14 SE power cords.  Good thing AA takes them back no questions asked. 
Got a pair in over the weekend along with the coax cable, out of the box they sound fine so far with no hint of doing anything wrong. I have them running off an external dac I'm trying out (Topping D90) so my point of reference is a bit  off. I do plan on swaping them from the dac to the preamp to amp to see how they compare against my Morrow MA4 xlr's and will post back.
I don't know how the AA cable compares to high end brands, but that exact cable was a huge upgrade over a Mogami XLR cable I was previously using.
Glad to hear it guys, nice to see relevant posts in this thread! Please keep us updated on your experience with this particular XLR cable.

It's fair to say I might just try it myself vs. something like Audio Envy XLR and see which ones I like better. I got to this point with my new setup forcing to me to get a 3M+ cable and my go to brands would be stupidly expensive for that. Just feel a bit guilty about ordering something knowing that there is a high chance I will return it. But I need to get over it, with most of my HiFi accessories shopping happening online now..

I have a suspicion that Pangea cables are made by AudioQuest. XLR connectors look very similar to prior gen AQ. AA is also known to have exclusive AQ cables made for them, like Black Mumba. 
AQ, yes, but don't AA make a big deal about the special copper they use coming from Cardas?
I did try the Audio Envy XLR's and power cable awhile back, they are great for the money but preferred my Morrow Audio MA4 XLR's and went with a Clarity Cable Vortex for the power cable upgrade which is just great from top to bottom.
I have had a short run of this XLR from my CXN streamer to my Parasound SS Hint with great results, coming from a cheaper Evergreen Audioquest RCA. Clean clear and with a wide soundstage.  Very worthwhile upgrade. I'd likely need to double the cost to hear a further improvement,  I suspect.  But after a year and a half I have no such itch. FYI Cambridge audio cxn is superb, too, and constantly is offering free software upgrades.