Paradigm Persona series

I'm beginning to poke around and gather opinions and information about a "super speaker" to replace my aging Thiel 2.4s.  I like the idea of bass dsp room correction and I am a bit of a point source type imaging nut (thus the Thiels).  So among other choices I've been looking at the Paradigm Persona series specifically the powered 9H with room correction for the bass.  However I'm skeptical of the "lenses" i.e. pierced metal covers on the midrange and tweeter specifically because of Paradigm's claim that such screens "screen out" "out of phase" musical information.  The technology in the design seems superlative but I just can't get past the claim re out of phase information and the midrange and tweeter covers.  What could possibly be the science behind this claim?  It just seems like its putting a halloween moustache on the mona lisa given the fact that the company is generally a technology driven company.
Grgr4blu, we were the dealer at the New York show they did sound good for the money, if you were off access perhaps they sounded a bit bright but give us a break it was still a hotel room, you actually said something nice and yes you can tame them with the right stuff they definately need warmer solid state like Dag or T+A gear or good tubes.

Greginnh, we have a very different approach then your dealer who I know who it is,found pictures on their website you don’t remember we talked once before about the T+A gear and knowing you have the Gato gear and figuring out this dealer sells Luxman, Naim they jut got the line, Paradigm and Kef it wasn’t difficult.

Our demo room with the 9H uses echo buster panels on the walls behind the speakers, shakti hollographs, acoustic system resonators, stein harmonizers, a critical mass rack and center stage footers, Furutech NCF boosters, Audio magic power conditioning, Enklekin cabling and T+A electronics with a Light Harmonic Davinci Dac being fed by a $15k Baetis server.

Our approach is to use room tuning products, cabling, power conditioners and source components to bring out the qualities we want and amelerorate the qualties we don’t. There is an art to tunning.

We can also demonstrate that removing these items one by one totally destroys the sound, and it is not just the Personas all high resolution systems benefit from footers, racks, room tuning devices etc.

Also our main demo room is 26 by 20 with 10 foot ceiling, don’t think your dealer has a single room of that size.

Yes our Persona 9H is pretty magical especially on the Davinci which although is a $35k dac is one of the most remarkable front end imaginable.

Greginnh you are welcome to come visit us if you are in the area and see for yourself. This is a true reference system that to our ears betters many $300k systems, the only thing it lacks it the image size of a much larger speaker system. We have had many customers who have said this system is spooky in its reacreation of an event.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Wcfeil if you read the post from the customer who we flew to CA to tune his system before you and your negative attacks caused the post to be taken down. 

We totally transformed his sound from ok to something very special through a cable change, a dac change footers stein harmonizer power conditioning and power cables.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Well, you’re the man lalin. Just ask you. LOL. 

Nice to see you’re not using a surreptitious moniker anymore. 

BTW, the truth isn’t an “attack”. 
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Heard the Magico M series at Goodwins and was not impressed for a $180k
It would be hard to be impressed given the fact that Goodwin does not have the $180K M...

Regardless, these Persona cant be tamed, their aggressiveness brittle sound comes from the midrange breakup mode that are not tamed properly. It does not matter how you “massage” it. You don’t want to hear to the breakup region and no amount of "setup" will change that.