Paradigm Persona series

I'm beginning to poke around and gather opinions and information about a "super speaker" to replace my aging Thiel 2.4s.  I like the idea of bass dsp room correction and I am a bit of a point source type imaging nut (thus the Thiels).  So among other choices I've been looking at the Paradigm Persona series specifically the powered 9H with room correction for the bass.  However I'm skeptical of the "lenses" i.e. pierced metal covers on the midrange and tweeter specifically because of Paradigm's claim that such screens "screen out" "out of phase" musical information.  The technology in the design seems superlative but I just can't get past the claim re out of phase information and the midrange and tweeter covers.  What could possibly be the science behind this claim?  It just seems like its putting a halloween moustache on the mona lisa given the fact that the company is generally a technology driven company.
Just so you don't miss my point Audiotroy. You are, IMHO, self serving and unethical. That is why I would never set foot in your store. It doesn't matter how great you are, or how great you think you are. That pretty much sums up the other posts that I had deleted. Hopefully, you don't get posts removed here for stating an opinion. 
Great comments Dvdboulet, yes it about synergy. Your post was very illuminating wouldn't it have been nice if some of those dealers actually had your equipment on display, might have made it easy?

Your comments, We all know that gear matters... and can matter a lot. Most of us have been around long enough and have changed enough components in our system over time to know that some $$$ gear can make or break a system... and what sounds fabulous in one system can degrade the sound of another. It’s all about the synergy.

Yes our point exactly we have worked very hard to tune our Persona reference  system with just the right components to make it sound fantastic, and when we were demoing electronics we tried many different brands of gear, including Devialet, Electro, CJ, Thrax, before picking the T+A gear as our choice for true reference gear, fired up the Krell today and it does seem excellent especially for the money.

Your experiences mirror our experiences with the Personas and certain other loudspeakers they sound okay on certain setups and magical on others and sometimes the two setups are the same price sometimes not.

The issue that we were trying to highlight was not that we are necessarily better than other dealers, it is our commitment to creating memorable sound systems  may be a bit different, hence we experiment with different power conditoners, cables, source components, vibration isolation devices, etc until we have the sound that we find magical and hopefully that is what our clients like as well. 

When we say we use some of these devices it is to illustrate the lengths we have gone to maximize the systems we are displaying, it is a process creating great sound and if you think that many dealers actually play with or believe that these types of devices work look at many of the stores setups and see. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

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