Paradigm S8 vs. Sonus Faber Cremona M

I am having hard time deciding between these speakers. I can get each for about 6K used. I have auditioned them both at a dealer, and I like them both. However, I find it very hard to compare them given the lapse of time in between and the difference in gear and rooms. Paradigms have great reviews, but can they compare to the build quality of the SFs?
Have not heard the Paradigms but the Cremonas are incredible speakers that are not only beautiful and well built, but will also hold their value better than the Paradigms I think.
I demo'd the S8's and Cremona's right next to each other in the same store. The rep kept pushing me to the S8's however the Cremona's in my and my wife's opinion clearly sounded
superior. After going back and forth the rep also agreed.

They simply to our ears sounded better.

We went back and compared them on 3 different occasion prior to purchasing the Cremona's
I never thought I would see the day when Paradigm and Sonus Faber were compared. Paradigm must have a higher markup. Maybe it's time to find another store.