Paradigm speakers

Hi, I been seeing that there is not alot of talk about Paradigm speakers. It it because of built quality or price point ratio? Thanks
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paradigm are very well established. No need for those guys to do much 'PR' work- if you know what I mean. I think that many will find it to be pleasing for Rock/Hard Rock music.

I like the fact that there are different series at different price-points- not all speaker companies treat customers this way. Your best money is spent in the signature editions.
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Thanks for all the inputs. I had a pair of Titan v.3 and I like how they sounded. My Dayton speakers are way above the Titans in term of detail and soundstage but then again I'm comparing 5 1/4" to 6 1/2" speakers difference. I thought the Titans had a strong vocal presentation with good midrange but lack some upper end detail.

There budget stuff is killer right now. They are realizing the 200 to 1k speaker point is where the sale volumes at.

I like their ref 20's but they are now priced to high IMO. They were great for 599 in 2001
Would have to agree...the Studio 20s were a solid choice at $600 years close to twice that now...that is a very competitive price is in range of Vandersteen, Magnepan, etc...I have been less enthralled with their entry offerings...particularly the atom model...
I recently acquired a pair of Studio Reference 100 v.2s. I'm still getting to know them, and in particular trying to figure out how to improve sound stage via room placement, cabling, and floor isolation. But so far I really like them. Very good resolution especially in the mid range and the highs. Bass can be a little overwhelming, largely because of the room they are placed in, but I've made some adjustments that have *dramatically* improved bass accuracy and sound stage, and am confident that I can improve it a great deal more still. So far they perform impressively with all music types I've played through them: ensemble jazz, symphonic classical, prog rock, hip hop, even G. Love and Special Sauce. I got them used for $1K and think it was an excellent deal.