Paradigm Studio 100 v3/tweeter assembly down to the screws

Hello. I have a set of Paradigm Studio

100 v3 speakers. I need a replacement tweeter assembly. I cannot exchange one on eBay for a new diaphragm as my entire assembly went missing. I had taken it apart before moving and cannot find it. I need to stick with the original tweeter as I need the whole assembly and I do not believe any other manufacturer would have the exact fit for the housing, etc. I’m even missing the four mounting screws. I did find the magnet with the three screws for the diaphragm but I’m still short the mounting piece, triangular piece that secures the diaphragm to the magnet and four mounting screws. Thanks.


Man, if there’s one thing you wouldn’t wanna lose.  That sucks.  Did u try calling Paradigm?  Wouldn’t surprise me if they had replacement parts.  Might have to pay up a bit, but still much cheaper than buying new speakers, although it’s a great excuse to do so — heh heh. 

I emailed them a month ago and never got a response. I guess I’ll call. Yes, I’m a bit upset over losing the assembly. Anyways, I hope someone will sell me one. I have a set of 85f Prestige I’m using now. I miss the Studio 100’s though. They were my first set of towers. 

Call them.  They’re a very reputable company and I’d be surprised if they can’t help you out.