Paradigm Studio 60 V5 Fingernails on Chalkboard

The highs have an edge that hurts my ears, especially female voices (e.g. old joni mitchell, Emmy Lou Harris, etc. I have a Denon AVR 1709 80 W/Ch home theater amp. Could the amp be the problem? It's not room placement - I've moved them all over the room, and it's not interference - it happens even when I only have one speaker plugged in. If it is the amp, what should I replace it with? I spent all my $ on the speakers, assuming the amp I have would work out. I have the speakers for sale on Audoigon but would like to keep them if I can find an affordable solution. Thanks!
Hey Bobagov, not the Paradigm Studio 60 V5, but the pricier S8. What I posted a few years back FWIW...

"Listened (briefly) at a dealer, comparing them side-by-side with JM Lab equivalent model (size and price-wise....don't remember the model #).

Audition was brief because I (old ears) and wife (young ears) found S8s excessively bright and piercing in the highs. All it took was a minute to decide these things were death to music listening pleasure. Maybe if they were listened to WAAAAY off axis they would be tolerable, but otherwise, no cigar.

JM Labs...a fine, smooth wine that you savor on your palate as long as possible.

S8...grimacing the whole time its on your palate (and to add insult to burns on the way down)."
What lead you to purchase these speakers? I would hope you heard them at least once before making a purchase and liked them better than other speakers that you had listened to. It sounds like a trip to Best Buy with $200 might yield more enjoyment for you.
There are so many factors involved that could produce what you're hearing but my best guess are the metal dome tweeters.

That's not to say you can't make them work but I think you'll have to do some room treatments at the minimum and a complete gear change at the other extreme.

At the very least I would run them in at a fairly high volume (don't clip!) by facing them very close to each other & throwing a blanket over them. Run one spkr. out of phase so the volume seems muted. After 100 hrs. of this if they still hurt your ears I would look for something else, 'cause at this point your battle is uphill.
If the speakers are brand new that could be the problem. A few years ago I purchased a new pair of the Studio 60.V2 and experienced the exact same issue. I still remember listening to a new Jackson Browne album and hearing his voice scraping through the speakers. I was going to return them. After a few weeks of playing/break in this harshness went away. This was verified with the Jackson Browne album. His vocal was smooth and clear.
Been a believer in speaker break in ever since.
Thank you all for your responses. I think the best thing to do will be to visit a dealer, with speakers in hand, and see if I can't find appropriate amplification for them that sounds good to me and is semi-affordabel. If not, then I'll sell them to somebody who has ears matched to these speakers.

I know that a lot of people like these speakers and so I bought them over the net without listening to them - probably a typical newbie mistake which I fully confess!

Meanwhile, I totally appreciate your generous tips and will be trying them out - keep them coming!


Bob A.