Paradigms not producing enough lows ????

I have a set of Paradigm 60's being driven by a Pioneer Elite 110W x 7.1 receiver. The speaker are bi-amped. I do not have a sub nor center channel yet.

When playing music or movies there are NO lows at all!! I have reset the Pioneer so that all EQ setting are at default levels. Yesterday, I tried using the speakers along with the internal speakers on the TV and the TV actually filled in the sound that was lacking on the Paradigms. Obviously the Paradigms produce a much cleaner more appealing sound, but no lows.

Am I destined to buy a sub to fill things in? I'm not talking about the ultra lows, but even the lower tones of voices seemed missing.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I had Studio 100 V3s. With those, weak bass was not an issue, and I think that's true with the Paradigm line in general. I agree with all of the above posts. Something must be set wrong. In addition to the above ideas....Have you checked to make sure the speaker wires are in the correct phase? Does the receiver have a crossover setting? If so, where is that set? Are the settings on the receiver such that it's sending the lows to the subwoofer output even though there's no subwoofer? And as Bob Reynolds asked, how is the biamping set up?
Check that your receiver setup is correct for subwoofer not present. Agree with previous posts as setup problems
Mboldda1 wrote "in a word, not enough CURRENT !!"

In a word, nonsense. ;-)