Parasound A21

Hi Guys,

This is my first post so please accept my appologise for being not technical/ wrong!

I've a set up consisting of

CD Player Primare CD31
Speakers Paradigm S4
Parasound speaker stands
Subwoofer 2 x Rel T3
Preamp Parasound P3
Power amp Parasound A21
Belkin power purifier
Nordost Red Dawn interconnects XLR and RCA
Nordost Red Dawn biwire speaker cables

I'm pretty happy with my system but i still feel somehow it isn't completed! Hence, I've 2 questions which i'd like your advices/ comments on?

1. To me, the use of XLR on my system doesn't produce as good sound as RCA (interconnect between CD player and Preamp) due to RCA allows me to adjust the Treble and Bass on the Parasound P3. Will this story be completely opposite with say the Parasound JC2 preamp?

2. I'm tempting to obtain a used Parasound A21 to trial biamp or bridge mono setup. I do understand this is not a real biamp as i still have the passive cross overs in my speakers! (my gears are still under warranty). Hence, can you guys please give me some advices on whether i should biamp/ bridge mono? I love to have more of that airness sound come out of the speakers (not sure if i've explained correctly here!)

Thanking you all in advance for your advices
If you can afford to replace the P-3 with a JC-2, you will hear a greater improvement than you will get from bi-amping or using your A-21 in mono with another one. You have plenty of power already.
Also be sure the switches on your components are set properly for balanced or unbalanced, whichever you are using.
The JC-2 does not have tone controls.
Have you changed the stock powercord? if not try the Ps Audio AC- 10 or AC-12. My A21 is fed from a Ps audio Soloist Premier via an AC-10 and is sheer bliss!
Milpai/ Macrojack,
The XLR doesn't allow me to use tones control. I feel the sound openess or clearness is better with the RCA (with the use of tone control). Hence, I'm quiet reluctant in swapping the P3 for JC2 (no tone control).
However, I'd like to know if the JC2 does live to its name and without the need for tone control!?
Are there any real differences in using the Belkin instead of PS Audio, Nordost, etc AC Conditioner?

I've replaced the stock power cord with Choseal power cord! They're cheaper as i'm not sure if the sound will improve through spending serious money into power cables. I do believe this is the case for interconnects and speaker cables!

Thank you all for your replies
Get the JC2, go with balanced and get yourself a good powercord, it will make a bigger difference then you could ever believe. Powercords are just as important as interconnects.
IMOP powercords will effect the sound far beyond sublte improvement just 6 months ago I went from all AC-3's a monster HTS 2500 and a 10awg and 12awg dedicated 20amp lines, to a Ps audio Quintet fed from a Ps audio Power Port Premier by a Statement Sc for my sources and 3 channel amp and sub all on the 12awg line and the A21 fed from a Soloist Premier via the AC-10 on the 10awg line some may feel putting the amp on a conditioner is a no no as i believed as well, before this up grade the A21 was plugged directly in the wall. that was until I read on another forum where a guy ran his JC1 mono blocks from the Soloist and reported precieved increase in volume. Couriosity got the best of me and ordered one with the rest of the ports and conditioners and low and behold peace of mind and great dynamics and black backgrounds. Point I'm trying to make here is this was the best upgrade I could have ever made and from this point on I will biuld from power on up. I got to keep my gear and it was all under $700.00.