Parasound A21

Hi Guys,

This is my first post so please accept my appologise for being not technical/ wrong!

I've a set up consisting of

CD Player Primare CD31
Speakers Paradigm S4
Parasound speaker stands
Subwoofer 2 x Rel T3
Preamp Parasound P3
Power amp Parasound A21
Belkin power purifier
Nordost Red Dawn interconnects XLR and RCA
Nordost Red Dawn biwire speaker cables

I'm pretty happy with my system but i still feel somehow it isn't completed! Hence, I've 2 questions which i'd like your advices/ comments on?

1. To me, the use of XLR on my system doesn't produce as good sound as RCA (interconnect between CD player and Preamp) due to RCA allows me to adjust the Treble and Bass on the Parasound P3. Will this story be completely opposite with say the Parasound JC2 preamp?

2. I'm tempting to obtain a used Parasound A21 to trial biamp or bridge mono setup. I do understand this is not a real biamp as i still have the passive cross overs in my speakers! (my gears are still under warranty). Hence, can you guys please give me some advices on whether i should biamp/ bridge mono? I love to have more of that airness sound come out of the speakers (not sure if i've explained correctly here!)

Thanking you all in advance for your advices
I have had very good success in Bi-amping and mono blocks but it is also a good idea to try varius amps if you can. When you take some load off a single amp while bi-amping, alot of times you will create more head room. Some like to run one brand to the highs and mids and another to the woofers. I have not tried this myself but it sounded interesting anyways. I am also a firm believer that power cords and power in general are extremely important components as well. Take the power cord as serious as the IC's or speaker cables.
Thanks guys.
However, what will happen to the impedence mismatch when running difference brand power amp.
I've added on a Bryston LP2 (run in daisy chain) to feed signal into the 2 x Rel T3
I'm considering to replace the Parasound P3 with Moon P5 or JC2 preamp eventhough i'm a bit reluctant with the Moon due to the impendance issues. A bit confuse here!
Hi Guys,

I've just purchased the Parasound JC2 Pre from anotehr audiogon member - Soundlock and i's on its way to Australia. I also hope to win a Parasound A21 on ebay this Sun! I'll bridge mono 2 Parasound A21 with JC2 Pre, Primare CD31, 2 Rel T3 and all Nordost interconnect. I can't wait to hear a big sound improvement (day and night!) comparing to my current setup.
Any comment on my propose setup or expectation?

Happy Listening!

Congrats on your new preamp. If you are going to biamp, I will suggest you do horizontal biamping insted of bridging the amps. Bridging the amplifier, you will lose some resolution plus the amp will see half of the load, so if your speakers are 4 ohms, the amp is seeing 2 ohms, or you can sell you A21 and get a pair of JC1's.