Parasound A21

Hi Guys,

This is my first post so please accept my appologise for being not technical/ wrong!

I've a set up consisting of

CD Player Primare CD31
Speakers Paradigm S4
Parasound speaker stands
Subwoofer 2 x Rel T3
Preamp Parasound P3
Power amp Parasound A21
Belkin power purifier
Nordost Red Dawn interconnects XLR and RCA
Nordost Red Dawn biwire speaker cables

I'm pretty happy with my system but i still feel somehow it isn't completed! Hence, I've 2 questions which i'd like your advices/ comments on?

1. To me, the use of XLR on my system doesn't produce as good sound as RCA (interconnect between CD player and Preamp) due to RCA allows me to adjust the Treble and Bass on the Parasound P3. Will this story be completely opposite with say the Parasound JC2 preamp?

2. I'm tempting to obtain a used Parasound A21 to trial biamp or bridge mono setup. I do understand this is not a real biamp as i still have the passive cross overs in my speakers! (my gears are still under warranty). Hence, can you guys please give me some advices on whether i should biamp/ bridge mono? I love to have more of that airness sound come out of the speakers (not sure if i've explained correctly here!)

Thanking you all in advance for your advices

Congrats on your new preamp. If you are going to biamp, I will suggest you do horizontal biamping insted of bridging the amps. Bridging the amplifier, you will lose some resolution plus the amp will see half of the load, so if your speakers are 4 ohms, the amp is seeing 2 ohms, or you can sell you A21 and get a pair of JC1's.
Thanks Ellyjr

The JC 2 pre is on its way to me. I didn't win another Parasound A21. I only have 1 Parasound A21. Hence, i still have the freedom in pruchasing another Power Amp for biamping!
I've the Paradigm S4 and they aren't strong in producing bass. Should i use the current Parasound A21 for mid and woofer and purchase say the smaller Parasound A23 to power the tweeter?
I'm opened for suggestions on how to biamp and the amp brand(s)

I would suggest trying another preamp than the P3. My setup consist of a Plinius SA-100MKII, a pass DIY preamp and JM Lab Electra 926 speakers. I had the P3 for over two years. I was happy with the sound but felt an improvement could benefit. I swapped the preamp with a Pass DIY and there was a huge difference. Sound was more defined and lot smoother in the hi's. Could be because of a better matching synergy components, but I felt the P3 was not the top preamp for the price. The A21 is a damn good amplifier.
Thanks Ned2865.
Yes, i've purchased the Parasound JC2 preamp from Soundlock and waiting for it to arrive.
I really hope the sound will improve dramatically!