Parasound A21

Hi Guys,

This is my first post so please accept my appologise for being not technical/ wrong!

I've a set up consisting of

CD Player Primare CD31
Speakers Paradigm S4
Parasound speaker stands
Subwoofer 2 x Rel T3
Preamp Parasound P3
Power amp Parasound A21
Belkin power purifier
Nordost Red Dawn interconnects XLR and RCA
Nordost Red Dawn biwire speaker cables

I'm pretty happy with my system but i still feel somehow it isn't completed! Hence, I've 2 questions which i'd like your advices/ comments on?

1. To me, the use of XLR on my system doesn't produce as good sound as RCA (interconnect between CD player and Preamp) due to RCA allows me to adjust the Treble and Bass on the Parasound P3. Will this story be completely opposite with say the Parasound JC2 preamp?

2. I'm tempting to obtain a used Parasound A21 to trial biamp or bridge mono setup. I do understand this is not a real biamp as i still have the passive cross overs in my speakers! (my gears are still under warranty). Hence, can you guys please give me some advices on whether i should biamp/ bridge mono? I love to have more of that airness sound come out of the speakers (not sure if i've explained correctly here!)

Thanking you all in advance for your advices
Hi Guys,
Has anyone pair the Parasound JC2 pre + Parasound A21 with Kef 205/2?
I've Primare CD31 CD player
Ok...I've purchased the Kef Ref 205/2. My system now consists of
Primare Cd31, Parasound A21/ JC2, Kef 205/2, Nordost Red Dawn interconnects/ speaker/ power cables and Belkin computer servers surge protector!
And the and night improvement! The Kef Ref. goes very well with the Parasound gears.
This also proved that i was wrong in saying unbalance system sounds better then a proper balance system! A proper balance system with high end speakers sounds incredible

Great Listening!
Does your CDP have Balanced outs? My CDP does not, but my preamp is "truly balanced". So I wonder if having a "balanced" connection between my preamp and A21 will make any difference at all in my system. Thanks for letting us know about the improvements in your system. And enjoy your music :-)

Primare CD31 does have balance/ XLR outputs. I run XLRs through out my entire system. However, the big improvement achieved through adding the Parasound JC2. However, i still have a weak link in my system! and it's the Parasound A21. The JC2 was made to be used with JC1's

What's your setup?
With the new speakers you have the A21 may be the weak link and you are right there. In my system the A21 is awesome and the JC1s would have been an overkill. I have read a review on the A21 where the professional reviewer does mention that the A21 was a different beast with XLRs. I fail to understand that part, as the A21 is not truly balanced.