Parasound C/BD BELT Drive CD transport

Good evening all,

I would love to communicate with anyone who has this CD transport. I am interested in knowing which DAC you are using and the different musical CD formats you are able to accommodate on this transport. I am looking for another DAC and want to get as much information as possible. Mostly, I listen to jazz and classical music with a preference for small and large scale choral works. I do also like pop such as Simon & Garfunkle, Earth Wind and Fire, Bread, Joan Baez, Cat Stevens, etc. I love music! Thanks all.

I have owned this table (C/BD 2000) in a highly modified version. The stock is great and the modified if done correctly is nearly unbeatable. Very analogue sounding. Mine had difficulty with CD-R playback. The individual I sold it to does not experience that problem, so maybe the way the discs are burned contributes to this.

I ran mine with a Kora Hermes and an Audio Sector Blackgates upgraded version DAC with great detail and dynamics. I sold it because of the CD-R issue and that my wife is legally blind and the door/puck thing would be challenging, otherwise it would still be in my system.

For the money this is an incredible transport.
I have a CEC Model 1 transport and a Timbre TT-2000 Dac. The two together sound wonderful. The transport is very analog like. My friend has the Esoteric P700 transport and that to me sounds more mechanical.
Celtic 66 and JWM I want to thank you gentleman for your response. I must say I have not heard of modified C/BD 2000and certainly am not familiar with a "Kora Hermes or Timbre TT-2000 DAC's. I have never seen either of these listed in Audiogon at any time I can recall.

I love the anolog sound of this transport and so I have decided to get the laser and belt replaced. After almost 20 years I don't want to take the chance of having to replace either at a later time. It was suggested that the reason my C/BD stopped reading discs was caused by the laser needing cleaning. That might be the case, but I will go ahead and have the laser and belt replaced plus a good inside cleaning.

I will keep searching Audiogon for either of these DAC's. They sound like real winners. I want to get the very best sound from my C/BD 2000 as possible.

I hope there are others who treasure and use this excellent CD transport and will share their experiences as well. Thanks again guys and if you think of anything else please keep me in mind.Thank you so much for sharing.

Our friend Psychicanimal..... yes I know! Have this transport modified by Dan Wright and he is very happy with it. His DAC is a Dusty Vawter model ( don't remember know). For those of you who knows Francisco, his digital system is a belt drive and his analog system is direct drive!!!
Bob Timbre DAC's don't come up very often, keep looking they are worth it. My friend is getting a Yamamoto Sound Craft D/A next week and will compare to the Timbre. I will report my findings.