Parasound C/BD BELT Drive CD transport

Good evening all,

I would love to communicate with anyone who has this CD transport. I am interested in knowing which DAC you are using and the different musical CD formats you are able to accommodate on this transport. I am looking for another DAC and want to get as much information as possible. Mostly, I listen to jazz and classical music with a preference for small and large scale choral works. I do also like pop such as Simon & Garfunkle, Earth Wind and Fire, Bread, Joan Baez, Cat Stevens, etc. I love music! Thanks all.

Our friend Psychicanimal..... yes I know! Have this transport modified by Dan Wright and he is very happy with it. His DAC is a Dusty Vawter model ( don't remember know). For those of you who knows Francisco, his digital system is a belt drive and his analog system is direct drive!!!
Bob Timbre DAC's don't come up very often, keep looking they are worth it. My friend is getting a Yamamoto Sound Craft D/A next week and will compare to the Timbre. I will report my findings.
Good afternoon all,

Believe me, I am more than thankful I have the opportunity to communicate with experts, audio and music lovers. This is truly a blessing to me.

My choice of music centers around the human voice. I love classical choral music as well as jazz vocalists. While I do listen to big band music, Stan Kenton, Count Of Basie, Duke Ellington, Maria Schneider (my favorite conductor at the moment), Gil Evans, I spend most of my time listening to small groups like Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Keith Jarrette, Modern Jazz Quartet and others. I love to be able to hear the sound of the actual room or hall where the recording was made. Therefore, I have many ECM CD's and LP's. I am more of a warmth kind of guy and like that kind of sound when I listen to music. Don't get me wrong. I want to hear music from the lowest lows to the highest highs but with a bit of warmth. That is what I enjoy about the Parasound C/BD 2000.

All that said, I do want a DAC that will compliment this transport but will also be able to decode HDCD's and all Redbook CD's as well. Can you all share what CD formats you have been able to decode using this transport and your special DAC's? Thanks very much all.