Parasound Halo A52 keeps shutting off / protection

Hi guys, I hope someone could shed some light on this before I take it in for repair. I have a Parasound Halo A52 that's been running great driving a pair of Martin Logan Theos. Recently the amp suddenly started going into protection mode / shuts off in the middle of listening. I checked everything, wires are not short, and settings are correct. I spoke to someone at Chicago Audio who told me that the caps may need to be replaced. While this is not an issue, i just want to make sure that this issue is common and I won't end up spending money and not be able to fix it.

One thing I should mention is I am using RCA terminals on the preamp side and XLR connectors on the amp side. Could that be the problem? Should I try using just a simple RCA cable to see if the problem goes away?

Thanks to all.
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The termination should not cause this. I'd contact Parasound and ask what they advise, as this may be a known issue. Good luck (the Halo amps have a gazillion million parts that can fail).
perhaps caps. not enough current and transistors getting too hot. you may meanwhile try to use an external fan
Before you bring it in for repair, try the straight RCA hook-up. I've had problems using a XLR to RCA configuration. For some reason this XLR/RCA caused my Benchmark DAC1 to overheat and fail.
there's a thermal protection circuit that needs to be replaced. Don't send it to Parasound, they charge an arm and a leg for that work.