Parasound Halo JC-1 factory capacitor change

A pair of brand new Halo JC-1s arrived at friend's place a few days ago..

Being invited to help my friend to lift two huge boxes upstairs, I was also curious to see interiors, and to make a few pictures of the JC-1s internal layout if possible. We easily removed the top cover, seeing a perfectly clean, obviously brand new unit inside. What surprised me quite a bit (owner seems to be not too concerned about) was the change of four main 33000microF capacitors: original 33000 100V Nichicon caps are now replaced with equally sized Rubicon CE LSQ, also 33000 microF, 100V.

Since Parasound also changed the original 25000 Elna caps with 22000 Rubicons on smaller stereo model Halo A21 (there is a related topic on another forum), it seems that this is a deliberate manufacturer's policy rather than, say, discontinued production of original parts by suppliers (Nichicon, Elna etc).

I am pretty seriously concerned with this issue, since I consider purchasing a pair of new Halo JC-1s as well.

Anyone else out there spotted this internal change in the Halo JC-1? Any impression listening the new cap version JC-1 versus original? Could actually main capacitors bank affect sound seriously..??


From copnversations I had with Bob Crump, his voicing of the JC-1 was specifically around the Nichicon caps. In fact you should also see some bypass caps at the end of the rails. These used to be Relcap RT's and Nichicon KZ's, I believe.

Chanking out the cap brands will most definitely affect the voicing of the amp.
The above posts are from 2010. Its 2013 now and Parasound still lists Nichicon Gold Capacitors in the JC-1. Has anyone looked inside a recent vintage amp to see which caps are used?
I own a pair of JC1's which were purchased new in 2012 and have the Nichicon Gold caps.

If you are considering these amps I cannot recommend them highly enough, they are fantastic IMO.
Superb amps. But one of the amps has a slight humming from its transformer. How can I resolve this? Something loose?