Parasound HCA-1000A Modifications

I recently completed some modifications to my Parasound HCA-1000A a few weeks ago, and HOLY COW!!! Now my $300 amplifier sounds like I spent easily 10 times that amount. It's amazing what can be done with a stock amplifier--especially one as good as the HCA-1000A.

Anyway, my question is this: I am thinking about writing a manual about modifying the HCA-1000A and offering it for a small fee--maybe even putting together a "kit" containing the manual and all necessary parts. Would anybody out there be interested in such a manual or kit, or should I not waste my time?
I think there may be a limited market for this. I agree, I have modified a number of Parasound amps including the 1000a.
Very nice sounding amp modified. I replaced over 30 parts on the main board, added new soft recovery bridges, etc.

One gets similar results on the 2200II and 3500 amps; have not tried the new JC1s or other series.

This reply is for Avilex or Johnss. Though this thread is old I might have one of your modified amps. The 1000A I have has solen caps, silver wiring, dampning of the chassis and top plate, the loop rca's disconnected and volume pots have been removed. The previous owner did not know who did the mods. I stumbled on this thread while copying a review. If any of the names mentioned performed the excellent mods on my amp please let me know. I can provide pics to further id the mods done. Happy listening!
I am in need of a faceplate for a Parasound HCA-500 amp. Does anyone have one of these for sale or know where I could get one?
Very old thread, but I have an hca-1000a and would be interested in learning about these mods.  Contact me!