Parasound HCA-2200?

Hello all,
 I have a chance to buy one really cheap, does anyone here have any experience with these, it's a mk-I, and I understand the mk-II preferred, is it worth $300? Or should I pass?
Thanks, Kent 
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years ago, owned both the 2200 Mk1 and the 2200 Mk2. Both are nice amps, but the MK2 was the John Curl designed unit with dual transformers, two power supplies etc. would agree with the others, for 300 bucks a pretty good deal. 

I have an HCA 2200 and I love it. I do not know which version, though it does not say on the front that it is a mkii, so I assume it is a mki. It does have two toroidal transformers. I don’t recall if it has separate power supplies.

I read that Mr. Curl recommends disabling two banks of small capacitors. I may take it to a local hifi shop and see if they are willing to perform said surgery. Kind of like tube rolling your solid state gear

Btw I bought mine on ebay about the time of the original post for $340. I think it was a bargain. No problems to date except a couple of screws that needed tightening. I pair it with a tube preamp (Aric Audio Transcend) and drive Magnepan 1.7i’s with it. Very happy.