Parasound HCA-3500 to Proceed HPA-2?

I currently have the Parasound and am wondering if this is an upgrade or just a step sidways? The Parasound seems to win the specs game but it cost much less new. Also i would like to inquire to all proceed owners about the durrability of the hca-2. (I know proceed has an upgrade out for this amp that, from what I understand, fixes durrability problems)
What room treatments do you have? This can make a big difference in the presentation of any speaker.
The speakers are located in a guest bedroom which contains one twin bed, an love seat(my seeting position),and an armoire. What room treatments do you recomend? how do I position them?
do a search on audioasylum and here,about parasound,bob crumped talked alot about this issue,,i sold mine cause i coudnt take it..there is a mod to fix it but i didnt do it