Parasound P6 Volume control increments.

Greetings everyone. I am currently auditioning a Parasound P6 preamp and I really like it. Very musical and also I find it neutral. Super quiet. I noticed that to you don't get any substantial volume until you get to about 50 in the volume display and up from there. I think it goes from 0-100. At around 65 it really gets going but I don't understand why Parasound chooses this level of step control. I am running it with a Krell KAV 250A Power Amp and Marantz Sa11 S1 completely balanced. Table is a Rega Planar 6/ Exact. Obviously you get a gain of 6 DB when using a balanced connection. I have also emailed Parasound and I am waiting to hear a response. I appreciate any kind of input. Thanks to all and stay safe and healthy. 
I would be concerned that something was amiss if not much was happening until I had the volume control up 50%.  If new, definitely inquire with Parasound.  Hopefully someone with the same preamp will chime in here.
Hi too blue. It sounds very nice. Perhaps a bit dark which is my preference but I would say neutral. This sample has very little playing time so a bit longer break in period may benefit. Extremely quiet. The phone stage is excellent at this price point however I would upgrade to something better. I also have the Project S2 phono box and at $399 retail is killer. A touch tube but never syrupy. 
Would be interested on their response to your perceived issue with the volume control, as I ststed before, in my system, systems that would be a desirable issue. Good luck and enjoy the music. 
 My,McCormack is the,same way. 
 It is a great volume knob, it goes up in volume at .5 dB increments.