Parasound to Pass Upgrade

I’m considering “upgrading” from my Parasound JC-1s monos to the Pass Labs X260.8 mono blocks. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on the performance differences I would expect? Thanks very much. 


I read a lot, but seldom post. I had the JC-1's and the JC-1 pluses. No comparison !!! The pluses are night and day different, and should bring you what you are looking for. Take your music to a retailer and just listen.

I have a pair of JC1s (not the +) with matching JC2, very nice sounding and I liked having the ability to switch between class A/B and A. The JC1s run hot in class A but sound very good for lights off listening. Last year I upgraded my system to a Pass X250.5 matched to a XP-20 preamp. The Pass build quality is excellent and the sound is superb. I would put the Pass components a rung or 2 higher in sound quality, but the Parasound JC1s are pretty close.

I also have a Prima Luna tube preamp that I use listening to vinyl LPs or streaming from an Auralic Aries G2 through a Terminator II dac. The combination of the tube preamp with a solid state main amp is, in my opinion, the way to go for extended late night listening. Speakers are GE T-Reference. My dedicated listening room is 14x17 with 8’ ceiling.

I still have the Parasound equipment and will be selling.

I own a Pass Labs X250 and it runs HOT and adds to the electrical bill every month but sounds fantastic. I also own a BHK 250 which also sounds wonderful. The next thing you should consider is what happens if you have a problem after the sale or your warranty has just expired. These two companies are still owned the founders of the original company. And in my experience are offering a service second to noe.

Thanks, Paul and Scott at PS Audio and Mr. English at Pass Labs