Parasound ZDAC VS. "new and improved" Bifrost?

Anyone had a chance to hear both? Thoughts? Thanks.
Hey Jonathan1257,

I wrote a review for hometheaterreview .com on the ZDAC. It got the big thumbs up regrading its performance/cost. I have found the Bifrost to be a little analytic and lean compared to the more weight on the bones of the ZDAC.
Thanks, Teajay. Yes, i read your review. Correct me, but that was the non-upgraded Bifrost you had, wasn't it?
Hey Jonathan1257,

Yes, that is correct it was not the last generation. However, " the house sound" of a company often stays the same and most of the inexpensive DACS are fine with details/clarity but lack image density in my experience.
Just finished burning in the Bifrost with the Uber + USB upgrades.

The spatial imaging (i.e. in all three dimensions) is as good as my analogue rig

Having said that I have a Furutech power cable and silver, interconnects with Eichman Silver Bullet RCA's hooked up to it (yes - the cables cost as much as the DAC :-)

Bottom line - the Bifrost outperformed the Chord QuteHD and the Mytech 192 - at least to these ears.

I have no doubt the ZDAC would perform to a similar level - however, the Bifrost may have some other upgrades coming (e.g. dsd) - other dacs do not have ungradability built in.