Parasound Zpre3 anyone?

I have the companion Zamp3 which is highly reviewed and acclaimed, it's all true. It's an amazing little amp for the money. I'm wondering if the pre is as good as the amp, not much info out there other than very positive reviews on AudioAdvisor. The picture of the insides makes it look like garbage but never know. Sometimes things just sound great...regardless of opamps ;)

This is for a second system.

I thought about going that way. I ended up with an NAD 3020 D and couldn't be happier.

But, big fan of the ZDac, and other Parasound products. Check your budget and needs.


Hi Erik,
I've read great things about the Zdac too, if it had remote volume...teamed up with a Zamp3 it would be hard to beat for the money.