Partly passive preamp?

I’ve been using an Audio Research LS22 preamp with my Krell duo 175xd power amp. I also use an Audio Research PH3 phono stage.   Since the ARC preamp is about 25 years old, I’ve thought of replacing it. First, I decided to connect my PS Audio Directstream DAC directly to the Krell amp to see if it made a difference (the DirectStream has a good volume control).  It sounds great.  If I never wanted to use my turntable and tuner again, I’d consider sticking with this setup.  My question: is there such a thing as a preamp which would allow me to use my other equipment but does nothing to the signal coming from the dac...which is essentially passive when using the dac input?  
Tortuga has a new LDR300x available soon. For DIYers, the internals are already available. The price appears to be reasonable (under $1000) and they will have both a passive and active (tube buffer that can add a small amount of gain if needed) version.
I use Tim Stinson’s Luminous Audio Axiom II, Walker Mod unit....3 in, 2 out, single ended, remote ( volume, mute ). Love it, as I can’t hear it. His cables are excellent, as well. Be well.....stay safe......
I adore my Khozmo passive (with remote option and all the resistor upgrades).  It displaced my Slagle AVC.
I adore my Khozmo passive (with remote option and all the resistor upgrades). It displaced my Slagle AVC.
A good potentiometer will always sound less colored and more dynamic than the transformer based based passive.

Here is another good one for the OP fast around $500
Or the 4 input stereo or dual mono

Cheers George
Thanks for the help/suggestions.  What about the Benchmark LA4 preamp?  Some rave reviews in both Stereophile and Absolute Sound, sounds like it is pretty much a passive preamp, good price?