Pass 250.5 vs. Marantz SM-11S1 Amps in Mono

Anyone used both these amps? I have loved the Pass 250.5, but have the opportunity to get a pair of the Marantz (reviewed in Stereophile back in 2008), and had a quite good review, just as a stereo amp. They have a mono switch to run two of them, which would output something like the Pass.

Two totally different designs. The one thing the reviewer said was the attack and decay were excellent, better than his Musical Fidelity kW (1,000 w.), but that they couldn't hold on to the main sustain of the notes as long.

The Pass is a great amp, but has its own sound, as any amp does, and runs quite hot, bothersome in the summer.

I'd be using them with Dali Helicon 800 Mk.2 and Aesthetix Calypso.
Hello Zear,

I am not familiar with the sound of pass amps, so my comments my not help you. I purchased a Marantz SM11 to replace a 250 wpc Musical Fidelity A308. I liked the MF very much, but the Marantz was much more natural to me. Tonally, it is beautiful. I ended up getting a second one on Agon and run them as mono's for my B&W N802's. Used with CJ Pr 16s2 pre and Marantz SA-11s2 cd and Linn tt. The system is generally great, but always looking. I think the amps provide good power, go low enough if the music is there and are good but not great in sound staging. Maybe the decay is a bit short, but the amount of air in the right recordings is impressive. I don't forsee changing amps for some time.

I hope this helps.

The culprit for muddled soundstage is your SA-11s2. I know them pretty well.
Recently I checked the price of this amp used at Audio Union Japan online store, and is listed with a more expensive price than a nice Accuphase amp...

This is maybe the last great Marantz?