Pass Aleph vs. McCormack: What to Expect?

I currently own a Pass Aleph 3, which I like alot! It is detailed but not brash, and somewhat liquid in sound. I am missing some bass response though. I'm thinking of a McCormack DNA 125, or perhaps another Aleph 3 to bi-amp. Has anyone compared these two amps to shed light on this decision? Will the bi-amping help improve bass response? Thanks.
I have an Pass Aleph 3 also and found a very good after market power cord makes a big improvement in bass. I am using a NBS Monitor power cord with great results. Believe it or not, putting the amp up on 3 brass spikes also helped.
Try checking into a Pass / Volksamp Aleph 30. While i have not heard one of these myself, i would think that it might offer similar sonics to the "regular" Aleph 3 but with greater dynamics and bass impact due to circuit changes. This might allow you to retain the positive aspects of the sonics that you admire in the Aleph 3 while adding part of the equation that you think is missing. Sean
Sorry Sean, the Aleph 3 is significantly better sounding than the Aleph 30, and it's built a heckuva lot better too. You get what you pay for.

I would second the experience that a proper power cord is a must with any Pass amp, whether an Aleph series or X-series.