Pass amp paired with audio research pre?

 Wondering if anyone has had experience matching a pass labs amp with an audio research preamp. Do they make a good combination?  Thinking  about audio research reference 5SE matched to one of the X series pass amps. I have Harbeth 401.2 speakers...kind regards 
I dumped my vinyl pursuit a couple years ago, so I have 0 skin in the game, when commenting on phono pre’s, but Harbeth + Pass I will say is quite epic.  I too was reviewing ARC pre’s, and ultimately settled on a XP-20.  I did not A/B them, so I’m of little use on that commentary, as well.  I will say that the pass chain, to a set of Super HL5 pluses is quite rewarding.  The best way I’m able to put it, Instruments sound exactly like instruments.  
Not to turn the conversation, but I have a don Sachs 6sn7 preamp going into a pair of first watt f4s and it is definitely not boring. It improves the signal from my dac in every way without being syrupy or tubey at all.  You can read about it in my systems page.
Sorry I'm late.

The Ref5 has two parallel outputs. One connects directly to the X350 which drives a pair of Martin Logan Ascent ES hybrids. The second output goes to a dbx 223XL which drives a single SVS PC Ultra. The 223 is just used as a low pass filter, the SVS crossover is bypassed. The Ascents are run full range. This is all done with XLR balanced lines.

We pretty much listen to anything. For awhile it's acoustic blues, then funk, then prog rock and lately western swing. We also use it for movies (love the processor bypass). The music stick in my car has everything from Asleep at the Wheel to ZZ Top.

It's not polite sounding. It'll do Tower of Power the way it was meant to be done. It's very detailed and can go reasonably load before the panels start to compress. eally harsh and compressed recording sound really harsh and compressed.
Just an update… Sprung for audio research reference phone 03. Wow! Definitely more forward, more boogy factor. Listening to some Allman brothers mountain jam right now. Definitely hearing things I’ve never heard before. Much more resolution. But this is just out of the box for me. Got a bit carried away and also sprung for a Luxman Cd player as had the opportunity to buy a dealer demo at a good price. I haven’t even listen to that yet though! I’m broke… But I’m happy… For the moment…