Pass INT-25 better than Wilsenton R8?

I have recently purchased a Pass Labs INT-25. It replaced a Wilsenton R8 with NOS tubes (EL-34). I feel that the sound im getting from the Pass is not 5000.00 better. Has anyone purchased a INT-25 and not been blown away from the sound? I do think  that the 25 has a wider soundstage.



Many of us, myself included, read the reviews and get caught up in the hype. We expect “wow” moments. Unfortunately, that can make the journey longer towards satisfaction longer. I would forget trying to pick a part different elements of sound quality between the pass and your tube amp. Ask yourself if you are as musically engaged. Do you still get goosebumps moments? If not, I would move on.

$7500 still doesn't buy you something that sounds good right out of the box?

You mean you have to WAIT for it to supposedly sound "better?"


I must have a special XA25, because it does not NEED 1hr startup to sound good. Sounds great right away...probably sounds a lil better after 30mins or so...but nothing crazy.

I originally had a LTA Zotl 40 El34 Tube Amp...great amp...but the Pass XA25 in my system was better to my ears. Smoother and more refined.

i documented my xa25 journey from new to burn in in another forum.  

it sounded very good out of the box but became velvety smooth after accumulating hours.  

in fact in the beginning i had to put the speaker grilles back on to help augment the brighter top end.  after a few weeks running 14 hrs a day working from home the grilles came back off.  

this is not unusual for amy of the amplifiers i have owned.