Pass INT-250 for B&W 800's


I am looking for insight as to whether the Pass Int-250 can adequately power a pair of 802D3's? I do prefer a more relaxed and warm sound. Additionally, I do enjoy some robust bass. I have been looking also at the McIntosh products (611 monoblock or new Ma12000 integrated). Any insight would be greatly appreciated! 
One of my audio friends has the 802D2 and just purchased the new mac 12000 integrated amp. The sound is fantastic and it mates very well with his B&W's. I have a pair of 800D and I have been considering replacing my Edge pre and power amps with a high quality integrated. Both the mac and gryphon are under consideration. Best wishes.


All the above recommendations will sound fine, but you bought the B&W 800 because they are B&W’s flagship speaker, why settle for an amp that is "fine" with them.
The Pass won’t have amperage ability of the Gryphon, and many say have the "Mosfet haze" to their sound, and the "transformer coupled" SS Mac’s, will have even less control. But they both will sound "fine".

Get the Gryphon Diablo 300 which will control them far better than any other mentioned here, and have the magic transparent class-A sound they have also.

Cheers George
I have the 802D3s driven by an old Ayre V-5X amp. Even though is only 150watts the work very nice together.
You bring up an interesting point about utilizing just the 250.8 amp which I am seriously considering. I only require a digital system so I would have to obtain some level of streamer/dac/preamp with a volume control as a start. This opens up an entirely different thread as to what component would synergize with the Pass? Interestingly, I have noticed many state that these DAC/preamps sound better when a preamp is introduced into the chain. 
I would consider the pass as well as the luxman and accuphase integrated amplifiers but i can tell you that a bipolar amp will be better with b&w speakers but i also can tell you that the b&w speakers are volume limited so huge power may not be required in a normal room i would go with whatever sounds the best to you try and find a dealer in your area to try some of these beast integrated amps.