Pass Labs 150.8 and XP-20 versus PrimaLuna Dialogue Premier HP integrated

Hello all!

Considering moving from PL to Pass Labs 150.8 and XP 20. Thinking about moving to separates and Solid state. The PL sounds awesome but I think I want a bit more punch on the low end and overall fullness. 

Would love to to hear feedback. 

XP20; few reasons. The '20 has a way about it that the '10 doesn't quite have. Perhaps it's the more robust power supply. I would call it better micro dynamics. Having a tape loop was a plus for me too. 
Good choice on the Pass Labs with the Olympica III - the fabers benefit from he extra power and really open up.  The downside of the Primaluna HP line is that tube rolling - which in my opinion is really needed to get the most out of the Primaluna- is really expensive, and still not be to your taste.  eight power tubes and six preamp/driver tubes will add $800 to $1500 to the price.  Not hat the stock tubes are bad by any means, but comes to another level with tube rolling.  changes
its competition level and price point when you factor in the tube rolling, which is one of the Primaluna's biggest draw.
Well- Things have changed a bit. I am auditioning the xp20 v xp10. Don't know if I can tell any differences. I also did a speaker upgrade and traded in the SF III's to Wilson Sabrina's! Wow, what a difference. I love the Pass Labs, Wilson combo. It's a winner. I don't see how I can improve on the system.