Pass Labs 250.8/250.5 or mark levinson 532h

Would like to hear opinions on which amp to go with for a 2 ch music listening. I just sold ATI AT6003 Signature which I found to be too bright and forward in my set up with Marantz 7702 MKii pre pro and Revel Performa 3 F208 speakers in a moderately treated 3000Cu/ft room. I have been easily ear fatiqued with ATI amp. I now have Anthem P5 for home theater set up which find to be pleasant sounding. Wanted to step up a notch and get dedicated 2 channel amp for music. So entertaining 2 choices at the moment Pass Labs 250.5 or .8 since they work in class A up to first 15 watts and heard great things about those amps. Or mark levinson 532h which got good feedback from member whitecamaross. Any suggestions preferably based on personal experience. Thank you.
Prior to using Pass with Revels, I did run the Revels on tubes. I don't miss the tubes at all. And as for power, the 250 series amps put out 250 watts at 8 ohms. More than enough power for any Revels 
Regarding power amps and the whole tubes vs solid-state debate;
If you enjoy both the electric and bass guitar(s) then you will want a solid state power amp.  Pass Labs is the very best at this juncture.
Thank you all that participated.  I got Pass Labs 250.8 and I am impressed by the sound!!! It is a keeper. 
It's been over a year and thought I would just ask and hope you see this. What's your impression now? I too have Revel Performa3 f208's and am looking for a good matching amp. Both of your thoughts were mine 532H and Pass x250.x. 
I don't think you can go wrong with either option.  I may give the nod towards Levinson due to the synergy between brands (Revel).