Pass Labs 350.8 or 260.8 ?

I ‘m using a ARC Ref 6 per-amp with my Wilson Audio Sophia 3 speaker now. And I’m planning to buy a new amp to replace my old Electrocompaniet AW-180 Mono this year. My target is either Pass Labs 260.8 Mono or X350.8 stereo. Some of my friend encourage me to get 360.8, but someone said 260.8 has better analytical, more details and imaging.  On The other hands,  maybe I will upgrade my Sophia 3 to Sahsha 1/2 in next year.   So, will 350.8 is a better choice for long-term because it can drive Shasha better than 260.8 I guess?  But my concern is 350.8 is too heavy, I'm unable to move it. So which amp you think is a better choice for me ? My listening area is not big, about 220 square feet (About 9' from my ear to speaker).  And I only listen to Jazz music, especially U.S. and European contemporary Jazz. thx.
I say this in every thread about Pass amp comparisons, but it's the truth and bears repeating. 

You should just call Pass directly.  They're great.  They can't help you with weight concerns, but can answer any questions you might have about what model will sound best given your speaker, pre-amp, and music preferences.  They will not try to sell you the most expensive option, and don't really care if you're planning on buying new or used.  I ignored their advice once because the internet convinced me otherwise... they were right.  Reno will also be a good source, but Mark will also try to sell you a product.  Pass is happy to simply opine.
Thanks, everybody

Actually I've compare with XA 0.8 and X 0.8 amp side by side, and I prefer X 0.8 sound more. One of the biggest benefit for me if I choose X 260.8 is I can put it on the first stack on my rack, and I can change or connect the cable between my per-amp and power-amp very easy (Because my pre-amp also on the first stack on the rack).  And X0.8 only has 7.5" height, it will not block my TV (My TV is putting on the wall after my Hi Fi rack).  But XA 0.8 Mono is too height if I put it on the first stack on my rack, it will block my TV. 

Studio2 are easier to drive than Salon2. My recommendation because I own the speakers, Pass and First Watt amps is go with the XA60.8 for monos for a little more warmth. For a little more slam with top end sweetness the X250.8.

My amp of choice on the Studio2 is the XA25. I don’t crank it up too much but absolutely love that amp.