Pass Labs or Devialet

Having thoughts on two integrated amps.  Devialet 220 or a Pass Labs INT-250.

At the moment the speakers  are the Pioneer S-ex1’s with a pair of Rels G1’s subs.

Using PSAudio Direct Stream with Roon and OPPO 205 for discs.

My other smaller room is a separate system the Kii threes, but that is another topic.

Any thoughts?

Since you since you now own both, you can tell s which you prefer after you have had time with both. I have never auditioned passlabs products, but I’m sure they are very nice. I do own a devialet d200 and it pairs quite well with my Focal arias. 
Pass, of course.
I've heard Devialet on a few occasions and never really liked the sound. Actually it sounds pretty bad. 

I have said this before Pass Labs will work on almost any equipment that they  have ever manufactured. Some of the Best customer service in the industry fixed right the first time.  I have also had the same service from PS Audio from Paul, his son Scott and any employee that picks up the phone. It's all about AFTER the sale even on used gear. They answer email promptly even on general questions. Purchased the top of the AV receiver 8805 that had big issues at less than a year, it took 5 phone calls just to get a callback and that was the rep calling because I just gave up. Purchased an Arcam 860 so far so good.
Does the company care about their product or just making money. If you make a fantastic product at a good price you should stand behind it theses companies do!! More than just a name on a box
FWIW, I've made the final choices for my amp and source.

After a full day of integrated amp auditions, Pass Labs int 250, MSB ADC V Discrete DAC/streamer with second power supply, and the base Roon. Should be all set. Will order everything January 2, 2020. Can't wait.