Pass Labs Service

Needed to let everyone know my experience in dealing with Pass Labs, frankly they WOWed me!!! Fastist replies to emails from everyone there. Answered my quesitons in detail and not just blowing me off with a short reply. When I won the X-1 at auction here a few weeks back I wanted a shorter connecting cord from the pre to the power supply (it came with a 6' cord). Peter at Pass said no problem, email me your address. Two days later at my door step was another cord, no charge for the cord or shipping. When I asked Peter about a CD player from Pass, he told me not to hold my breath. Oh well, got the X-250, got the X-1 what's not to like, life is great.

Now on to a CD player to replace my SOny SCD-777ES.

Pass Labs, gotta love them!!!
I suggest going with an EMC-1 mk2 with the upgrade! Maybe even flying to Denmark to pick it up, heh heh.

DOH! Just kidding!!!

I'd demo the Ayre CX-7. Even at full retail, the Ayre is a deal.

I second Pass Labs great service, Peter at Pass also send me a power cord for my X-1. You can also buy the different length of the 25 pin MF cord from any computer supply store.
What on the SCD-777ES don't you like other than the fact that it does not have balanced out?
I have my Sony SCD-1 and Pass X-1 plug into the PS Audio P300, with very noticeable overall improvements. (running SS5 mode)
I've dealt with Peter Perkins on several occasions & he always returns questions quickly. I had my Aleph P completely rebuilt & then experienced some weird problems with it. Pass rebuilt the power supply & upgraded the transformer at no charge.

It's great gear but the customer support makes it even better.

PS-he likes getting chocolates!
Open, straightforward, helpful, competent, thoroughly professional. Simply fabulous.