Pass Labs Speaker Choices

Hello, Just curious what everyone is using for speakers and their Pass Labs gear ?  


Pass Labs uses Tannoy’s for critical listening for the development of their amps. I had an INT60 with Tannoy Yorkminsters and really liked how it played. 

Pass XA60.5s driving Borresen Z1's (Cryo) -- love this set up

note: also using distributed bass array w/ it’s own pair of amps -- super fun

XP-27 to a XP-32 to a X250.8 into a pair of Martin Logan 13s with 2 Martin Logan 210 subs. The room is big and the sound is "bigger"!

My first exposure to Nelson Pass gear was the Adcoms he designed 20 years ago. Been a huge fan ever since. The ML13's seem to really pull out all the detail of the amp.

PassLabs X150.5 rotating in rotation Don Sachs tube amp running in triode; .  Listening to my system so much that I have to slide a solid state amp or two in the rotation to save my tubes.  I have Spatial X5 speakers.  Interesting they do better with my modded PassLabs X150.5 than the excellent Coda 16 amp.  I am running a modded Supratek 6SN7 preamp with Zavfino RCA interconnects and Grover Huffman Pharoah speaker cables.   

@jaymark, doing something similar this weekend. KT120 mono tube amps rotated out (a rest) for my now upgraded Pass/Forte Class A 50w solid state amp. Was 200w Class AB, now full Class A 50w operation with several upgrades, main power caps, rectifiers, Cardas binding posts, wiring, many spades eliminated, all direct solder now. Whew. Like you, using my upgraded Cary 6SN7 triode tube preamp to drive these amps. Speakers are scratch custom design by me, yet realizing once again a nicely upgraded amp helps bring out the best in speakers. Everything matters at every layer. :)