Pass labs upgrade path

Hi there. I’m Currently running a X350.5 and XP20 with a Bricasti M1SE and PBN KAS speakers. 

I have budget to upgrade amp or preamp and am considering either a X350.8 or XP22 or XP30 as my next logical upgrade. 

I’m more inclined for a XP22 than anything else as I heard a XP12 in my system and it did sound much more like a live show but without the advantages of separate power supply. 

I have not heard a XP30 or a .8 amplifier so I figured I’d ask around and see if anyone had been in a similar spot. 

Thanks y’all. 


I'm curious what the OP is looking for sonically. Because sometimes an upgrade of a component isn't the solution, which is why I assume MC posted about Townshend.

I thought I wanted an upgrade path for my monoblocks until I realized what I wanted was better caps and better isolation. If the OP simply wants to buy more Pass components, well, that's a different question -- and a legitimate one. Just don't know what he/she is seeking.

@carlsbad dude it really does. There needs to be some kind of flagrant offender thing. 

but it’s audiogon… the worlds biggest used marketplace with useless things like a blue book that is the most inaccurate thing I’ve ever seen and doesn’t allow users to speak to one another creating a unsafe marketplace (haven’t sold here since 2011) 


I wouldn’t hold your breath. 

doesn’t allow users to speak to one another creating a unsafe marketplace (haven’t sold here since 2011)

After not selling any gear for many years, within the last year I have sold two amps and three pairs of cables. At least for most of my items, after a potential buyer had made an offer, A'gon provided the person’s email address and/or phone number and I assume they were provided mine. As such, I talked or emailed with all of the buyers prior to sale to get comfortable.

It’s been a while, but that’s what I remember.  I wish a moderator would chime in here and let us know if this is correct and A'gon policy as many potential sellers and buyers would be very interested in communicating with their counterpart in a sale prior to finalizing the transaction.