Pass labs x260.8 versus xa160.8

I own and enjoy x260.8 but was curious whether xa160.8 would be upgrade but have noticed many listings for xa160.8 and rarely for 260.8.  More people buy the xa160.8 or more happy buyers of 260.8?
I have noticed that the XA amps (full Class A) have a thicker and softer sound that the "X" amps.  That's not to say that the X amps are thin (they are not thin sounding at all), but the XA does have a very slightly different sound.  XA being more tonally rich, but in a way more colored as well.  Full Class A is harder to do because of demanding power supply requirements.  That's why they usually aren't high power (160 watts is an extremely high amount of Class A power).
Heat is probably the biggest issue with these amps. If you have a sealed room, it can get very warm in there. Cost of running Class A, compared to A/AB is is more expensive as well. Bass will be a bit tighter with Pass Labs Class A/AB amps. The number of XA160.8 listings isn’t really that high, many of them are multiples from the same person.
You should check out the number of Sold listings for Luxman M900u if you want to see a high number. A lot of these amps are resold within the first year of purchase - probably one of the biggest buyer remorse purchases I’ve noticed (if they’re selling them that quickly). Weak bass, and bright highs when pushed by any speaker that requires a good amount of power - good midrange though.
The price of the X260.8 is at the higher end of mere mortal pricing.  Mere mortals tend to keep their equipment longer.  The XA160.8 is at the next level pricing, and those who can afford a XA160.8 tend to turn over their equipment more often because they can afford to do so.