pass labs xa 100,5 vs Vitus sm 101

hard to decide to replace my xa 100.5 with vitus sm 101
how much gonna improve my sys.
Is Vitus SM 101 at 16000usd a good deal ?
how much better is the mk 2 and sm102?
I recently got a sl 101 at a good price
can the sm 101 drive my big focal grande utopia?

Another great sounding amp Audia Flight Strumento Mk2 one of the best sounding solid state amps very tube like and made like a tank at 275 lbs.
spending so much money on an amplifier itself nowadays its a total rip off. Music reproduction has peak during the 90s. So, any funny stuffs and overly priced system after 90s system are mainly pure snake oil and rip off. Just my 2 cents.