Pass Labs XA-60.8 Mono Blocks

For all you fans of Nelson Pass's creations my review on the XA-60.8 Mono Blocks has just gone up the website These Mono Blocks are beautiful music makers and are a considerable improvement over the last generation amps.
Excellent review as usual.
I'm glad you posted the heads up here, other wise I would have missed it.
You did a review of the Modwright KWA 150SE how would this
amp compare with the Pass Labs XA-60.8
I own the Modwright LS100 pre and the KWA 150SE and I continue to be impressed with the sound.
If you would just a short comparison if you would.
Thank you,
Hello Elliotdrum,

I still think the Modwright is a wonderful amplifier, however the Pass Labs XA-60.8's is on another level regarding the finesse of its overall tonality,transparency/micro-details, and control/power of the bottom end.
Yup without question he builds some great sounding amplifiers and pre-amps for that matter.