Pass Labs XA- ".5" ???

Is this true?
Tboooe, I mostly felt I could use some more control in the bass, and a more dynamic sounding amp. I think the "jump" has to do with the more dynamic sound, but they proberbly have much more power, even in a 8 ohms impedance. I do not think I listen to music very loud. If possibly I think you should try a pair of the new XA.5 amps, I am sure you will find them even better and more powerfull, than your superb sounding XA160's.
Jtwrace - please describe the difference you heard between Pass and Clayton.
With what other gear?
I am interested in both and would really appreciate understanding the relative merits of each.
If Jtwrace is Clayton dealer his undisclosed endorsement and comment hurts Clayton. Nothing wrong with dealer comments, but you better be transparent aboout it if you want to be taken seriously. That being said, I have heard good things about Clayton amps and trustworthy comparison between the Pass and Clayton would be interesting. Teajay, have you ever given heard the Claytons?
I just called Pass Labs and the definative answer is "NO". No Upgrade Available!