Pass Labs XA30.8

Hi all,

I had the opportunity to audition the Pass Labs XA30.8 at a dealer was really like the whole presentation - huge,deep soundstage with great depth.

My preamp is Simaudio Moon 390. I am wondering if anyone here is running this combo - Moon 390 with Pass Labs XA30.8s.

My speakers are fairly efficient (92.5dB).

While my current combo (Moon 390 preamp and Moon 330A power amp) is great, the presentation is a little in your face. It feels like I am sitting in the front row with the band right in front. I want a more laid back presentation and hence the mind flirtation with the XA30.8s :)

Appreciate any input if anyone is running this exact combo. Please note I am only looking at XA30.8s and not the X series or any of their Class A mono blocks.

The Pass .8 series has been out since late 2013 maybe its long over due for a new series.  Has anyone heard about a possible new series of Pass amps?
If so, it would be nice to move on from the .8 cosmetics and especially the black rings on the faceplates.

To me, the previous generations were much more beautiful and jewel like in their design.
I like the faceplates on both the .5's and .8's.  Maybe a completely new faceplate on their next series 
New could be interesting too, but I never understand why they were changed.

That being said, Nelson Pass must be one of the smartest guys in audio, if not the world.
I think the 30.8 would fit nicely in your system.. It’s a beast! Yet very detailed And delicate when it needs to be..